3D Thigh Straps

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Now: $36.95

Product Overview


The 3D Thigh Straps - Kayak Thigh Braces from Watersports Warehouse feature "3D" woven mesh fabric for extra softness and cushioning. The contoured pad  matches the shape of your thigh and flows with your movements. The release buckles lie over the pad to ensure comfort. Side-squeeze buckles on one end allow for quick release and all adjustable parts are within easy reach. Brass attachment clips enable you to add and remove these kayak thigh braces to and from your kayak quickly and easily. Compare with the Standard Thigh Straps and Pro-Form Thigh Straps. Stay secure, in place and comfortable while you negotiate riffles, rapids or waves.

Custom Made Will Ship in 1 to 4 Weeks
Color Black
Features Benefits
Contoured Pads shaped to hug your thighs
Easy Attach Brass clips for easy attachment
Easy Release Quick release on one end allows for rapid detachment