Actio Smartphone Tether System

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Product Overview


Secure your smartphone while you are on the go with the Actio Smartphone Tether System from Seattle Sports. It allows you to mount smartphones superbly while hiking, dog walking, bike commuting and more. This Actio Smartphone Tether System includes 1 Magnetic PakBand, 1 3M Adhesive Mounting Plate, and 1 Coiled Tether. It is compatible with most Apple and Samsung devices. Its low-profile 3M peel-and-stick plate offers easy attachment to main or spare phone case, and integrated clip allows easy accessibility to attach or detach your phone from the included tether or PakBand. You can easily attach PackBand to any suitable area including pack straps, belt loops or any other for convenient access.

1 Magnetic PakBand  
1 3M® Adhesive Mounting Plate  
1 Coiled Tether  
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Features Benefits
Outstanding Compatibility Compatible with most Apple and Samsung devices
Easy to attach Low-profile 3M peel-and-stick plate attaches easily to your main or spare phone case
Easy accessibility Access your smartphone while hiking, bike commuting, dog walking, & more
PVC Free Eco-friendly materials are used in its construction
Ultimate security Included coiled tether assures security to your smartphone and peace of mind while on the move
Made in Asia