Adventure Sail

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The Adventure Sail - Free-Standing, Self-Launching Kayak Sail from Windpaddle was built for the serious sea kayaker ready for expeditions on big water. In terms of size, the Adventure is identical to theScout Sail, but touts a sturdy and unbreakable perimeter batten designed for kayak sailing in high winds and allowing for high sailing angles. This sail is ready for any conditions you throw at it. The low center of force makes for greater stability and safety. You control the sail's direction using the continuous sheet (steering line). The large window allows you to see forward right through the sail. The WindHarness attaches quickly to any kayak deck with pad eyes, bungees, fairleads or even to the thwart of your canoe. Works with just about any small water craft. Ideal for the serious sea kayaker.
Option: Add the Sail Kit to your order to receive cleats, sheets, paddle leash and safety whistle all for one low price.

Fast Shipping Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days   Weight / Shipping Weight
13 ozs (0.27 kg) / 1.5 lbs   Large Window
Lets you see where you are going by looking right through the sail   Wind Harness
Attaches to the deck, thwart or gunwale of virtually any kayak, canoe or small boat
Target Boat /
Target Paddler

14' - 18' Touring and Expedition Boats / Intermediate to Expert

  Wind Range
4-30+ knots of wind (2-6 BFT)   Unbreakable
Stiff, expedition-grade Perimeter Batten allows you to sail in high winds   Self-Launching Launches from the on-deck position; no need to return to shore to launch
Diameter: Deployed
42" (106.7 cm)   Target Wind Range
5-30 knots (has seen 40+ knots)   High Angles
Sail will reach off-the-wind up to an 180 degree angle or more   Stable Low center of force provides stability and safety
15" (38.1 cm)   Off-Wind Saling Angle +180 degrees   Lightweight Adds almost no weight to your kayak gear    Made in USA  
Guranteed Workmanship and Performance
Sail Surface Area
9.62 sq ft (0.8937 sq met)   Colors Choose from Red, Blue or Yellow            





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