Bear Spray Holster


Product Overview

The Bear Spray Holster from Seattle Sports allows you to keep your bear spray close at hand. It can be attached to your belt or pack for swift access to bear spray. This bear spray holster fits 225g bear spray canister. It features a hook-and-loop flap to secure the spray inside the holster ideally. To locate canister at night, it has glow-in-the-dark patch. Its hook-and-loop flap is easy and fast to open. It is ideal for carrying while kayak touring, mountain biking, canoe tripping, alpine climbing and mountaineering. Keep your bear spray within reach with this Bear Spray Holster. It does not include bear spray.

Dimensions 10" x 2" x 2"
Weight 1.6oz
variableshiptime200.gif Ships in 0 to 14 Business Days
Features Benefits
Hook-and-loop flap Easy and fast to open
Glow-in-the-dark patch Helps in locating at night
Easy to carry Ideal to be secured to a pack loop or belt
Perfect fit Fits 225g bear spray canister superbly
Durable construction Rugged PolyPro webbing holster
Made in Asia