Bilge Balls

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Product Overview

Make your cleaning process more exciting and fun with the Bilge Balls from Seattle Sports. With these bilge balls, you can bilge up excess water then chuck it at an unsuspecting passerby. You just have to soak and chuck it. The Bilge balls are being offered as a fun and functional improvement on a standard bilge sponge. They feature quick-drying mesh material to dry quickly, and come with Orange/green outer mesh to offer high-visibility. These Bilge Balls are being offered in pairs and have 4 inch sphere.

4in sphere  
Orange/green outer mesh  
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Features Benefits
High-vis colors Perfect for quick visual access
Quick-drying mesh material Thoughtfully engineered and used to dry quickly
Front zippered pocket Allows swift access to keys, wallet, and other valuables
Appearance Orange/green outer mesh
Availability Comes in pairs
Additional benefits Ideal to Sponge up excess water then chuck it at an unsuspecting passerby
Made in Asia