Bow/Stern Straps 8’ Black


Product Overview

Transporting items by attaching them to some other source is made easier by the Bow/Stern Straps 8’ Black from Seattle Sports Featuring a sleek design, these stern straps measure around 8-feet in length and they offer a small width to assist easy usage by the user. Two hooks are provided at one end, while a cam buckle graces the other end to connect it to different items. The G-shape of the hooks permits easy yet secured attachment and its special coating saves it from accidental scratches. Popularly known as one of most secured strap available in the market, this Bow/Stern Strap 8’ Black is strong enough to resist the impact of wind and offers twist protection to maintain the balance of the load attached to it.

Length 8ft
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Features Benefits
Construction It features two hooks and one cam buckle. The tip is specially coated to save it from potential damage.
Coated G-hook It prevents accidental scratches and dings.
Extra webbing It offers wind protection and does not allow the straps to twist easily.
Secured usage The ability to maintain a balanced load makes it one of the most secure bow/stern strap available.
Made in Asia