Cactus Creek AquaLock Box

$19.95 - $24.95

Product Overview

The Cactus Creek AquaLock Box from Seattle Sports offers ultimate protection to your essentials such as phone, wallet, keys, and more. It comes with a 4-digit personal locking code to keep the items secure. Its splashproof inner sleeve keeps items dry. It has a vinyl-sheathed galvanized steel cable that can be looped around a fixed object for enhanced protection. This case comes in both small and medium size. The small size fits iPhone 5 and smaller devices, and the medium fits up to iPhone 6 (without case). You can carry this AquaLock Box ideally while you are travelling or at the beach, poolside.

Height small 5in, medium 5in
Width small 2.875in, medium 4in
CI small 17.96, medium 31.64
Liters small .29, medium .5
Weight small 4.7oz, medium 10.3oz
Color Blue
Ships in 7 to 14 days
Features Benefits
Splashproof inner sleeve Superbly keeps electronics dry
Galvanized steel cable Vinyl sheathed galvanized steel cable with 4-digit personal locking code offers ultimate protection
Compatibility Small size fits iPhone 5 and smaller devices, Medium size fits up to iPhone 6
Availability Available in both small and medium sizes
Additional benefits Easy to carry your valuables while travelling
Made in Asia