Cruiser Sail

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The Cruiser Sail - Heavy-Duty, Self-Launching Kayak or Canoe Sail from Windpaddle delivers all of the same great ease-of-use features and the same lightweight design as the Scout Sail or the Adventure Sail, but with a sail area of just over seventeen squaree feet, the Cruiser harnesses fifty percent more wind power. The Cruiser is thus designed to pull larger kayaks such as fishing kayaks or tandem kayaks, inflatables, canoes or pak boats loaded with gear or people. Right in the middle is a big window that you can look right through so that the sail does not obstruct your view. The batten is designed to be rugged and handle the extra load. Control the direction of the sail using the continuous sheet (steering line). There is no need for deck mounting hardware or complicated installation as the WindHarness attaches to existing boat hardware, whether it is the thwart, bungee cords, fairleads or the gunwale. Launches before sailing, from on-deck in the in-boat position or while on the water -- no need to return to shore to launch sail. A great addition to your paddling gear collection.
Option: Add the Sail Kit to your order to receive cleats, sheets, paddle leash and safety whistle all for one low price.

Fast Shipping Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days   Weight / Shipping Weight
22 ozs (0.6237 kg) / 1.75 lbs   Big Window
Look right through the sail to let you know where you are going   Wind Harness
Will attach to the deck, thwart or gunwale of virtually any kayak, canoe or small boat
Target Boat

Designed for boats 14'-18' in length: larger kayaks, tandems, canoes, pak boats, expedition boats or inflatables

  Wind Range
4-31 knots of wind (2-6 BFT)   Powerful
Provides 50% more wind power than the Adventure Sail Heavy-Duty | Sturdy, expedition-grade   Self-Launching Launches from on shore, on-deck or at sea; no need to return to shore to launch
Diameter: Deployed
56" (142.24 cm)   Target Wind Range
5-30 knots (2-7 BFT)   Heavy-Duty
Sturdy, expedition-grade Perimeter Batten allows you to sail in high winds    Made in USA Guranteed Workmanship and Performance
20" (50 cm)   Off-Wind Saling Angle +180 degrees            
Sail Area
17.1 sq ft (1.589 sq met)   Colors Choose from Red, Blue or Yellow            




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(No reviews yet) Write a Review