DeckRacer Mesh Deck Bag

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Product Overview


The DeckRacer Mesh Deck Bag - On-Deck Storage Solution from Seattle Sports offers a handy way to store your paddling gear in an easy-to-reach location. The heavy-duty #10 zipper provides quick and easy access to your bottled beverages, hat, sunscreen, paddling gloves, smaller dry bags and other kayaking accessories now on board and within arm's reach. Once you've reached the shore, the DeckRacer doubles as a great way to keep your beverages cool: just toss in your cans or bottles, lash the bag to the shore and submerse.

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Dimensions 15" L x 11" W x 4" High
Volume 600 ci (10 lit.)
Weight 10.8 ozs
Shipping Weight 1 lb 11 ozs
Color Black with Yellow Trim
Features Benefits
Mesh Keeps your paddling accessories on deck (but not necessarily dry)
Zipper Heavy-Duty #10 zipper seals up your gear
Clips Four handy clips allow you to attach this bag quickly to the bungee lashing or other hardware on your deck
Handle Handy carrying handle lets you use this as a carry bag
Dual Function Doubles as a beverage cooling device when you submerge in water
Side Loops Allow you to store or connect small items outside the bag along the sides


(No reviews yet) Write a Review