Deluxe Safety Kit

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Product Overview

The Deluxe Safety Kit for Kayak or Canoe Paddling from Seattle Sports offers the full range of safety gear that paddlers need at a great price. The Paddlers' Bilge Pump will keep your boat dry, but you can keep the floor of your kayak or canoe super clean with a Bilge Sponge. The Dual-Chamber Paddle Float is a vital piece of safety equipment to be used when someone is in the water and needs help getting back in the boat. The Sportsman's Paddle Leash keeps your paddle attached to your boat in the event you lose your grip.  You also get a Safety Whistle and the multi-functional SOS Seastar Deluxe Flashlight. You won't regret the investment when you add this set to your paddling accessories collection.

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Pieces 6 products at one low price
Weight 2 lbs
Shipping Weight 3 lbs
Features Benefits
Pump Paddler's Bilge Pump saves the trouble of needless bailing
Sponge Micro Fiber Bilge Sponge lets you keep the inside of your boat clean and dry
Float Dual Chamber Paddle Float: a vital piece of safety equipment
Paddle Leash Sportsman's Paddle Leash keeps your paddle from floating away
Whistle Safety Whistle gets you located faster
Flashlight Hydrostar Multistrobe Kayak Flashlight can serve as a beacon or an ordinary flashlight

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