Dry Doc Pro13 eTab


Product Overview

The Dry Doc Pro13 eTab from Seattle Sports superbly protects your electronics, documents, and gear from the elements. This Dry Doc case is a new addition to the Dry Doc line. You can use your tablet easily right through the case with this Dry Doc Pro13 eTab. It is perfectly sized to fit the larger iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface. Not only electronics, you can protect documents, gear and other items easily also. Its positive snap zip-locking style closure makes it ideal for secure, simple and everyday use. It allows you to take call, photos, and text with ease.

Dimensions 13" x 9.5"
Variable Shipping Ships in 0 to 14 Days
Features Benefits
Splashproof case Made with clear, touch-sensitive TPU materials
Compatibility Sized to fit new iPad Pro & Microsoft Surface
Eco-friendly Built with eco-friendly PVC-Free puncture resistant film
Superior protection Protects your items from various elements
Easy to use Use devices right through case
Made in Asia