E-Merse Gopack

$34.95 - $39.95

Product Overview

The E-Merse Gopack from Seattle Sports comes as a light-weight, drawstring backpack that feature E-Merse technology. It is perfect solution for securing your valuables while you are paddling, jogging in the rain, or commuting through town. This submersible waterproof backpack is made with tough, PVC-free polyurethane, and is host to slim, low profile. It is perfect solution to protect your valuables in all your aquatic adventures. Its SoftTouch textured bar offers a sturdy and comfortable handheld grip to carry around easily.

Height 18in
Width 11.5in
Capacity 10.5L
variableshiptime200.gif Ships in 0 to 14 Business Days
Features Benefits
Waterproof Superior waterproof protection for Beach, Boat, Travel & more
E-Merse technology Light-weight, drawstring backpack
Eco-friendly Built with tough, PVC-Free polyurethane
Uses Ideal to use while you are paddling a river, sailing a bay, hiking a trail, or working the yard
SoftTouch textured bar Offers a sturdy and comfortable handheld grip
Made in Asia