E-Merse Neoxl - Blue Steel


Product Overview

The E-Merse Neoxl from Seattle Sports provides New for 2019 We’ve added a familiar, waterproof, material to our trusted E-Merse™ submersible cases; neoprene-like material. Stretchy and smooth material provides a comfortable feel and makes sliding your phone in and out a cinch. Available in high-vis neon green or cool blue steel. Internal dimensions of 7in x 3.25in will fit most larger phones like the iPhone® XS Max & Galaxy Note 9

Weight 0.087 (1.4 Oz)
Internal Dimensions: 7"" H x 3.25"" W
Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Features Benefits
Submersible Submersible to 10 feet
Use device through case
Bar Secure slide bar seal
Windows Dual-sided clear
Weather Cold weather compatible
Lanyard Breakaway lanyard
Photos Take photos right through the case
Comfortable Neoprene-like material is comfortable and stretchy