FireClip LED Light 2-Pack

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Product Overview


The FireClip LED Light 2-Pack from Seattle Sports offers a compact and lightweight construction that can be of great use when you set out for a camping trip. This product is engineered to work as an LED light that can be simply clipped to your tent wall while relaxing or on your clothes while heading out for a walk. A two-mode feature allows the user to easily switch between red and white LED options, whereas the three LED mode options allow the user to use this device as per their requirements. The grip-teeth design of this FireClip LED Light allows it to get easily attached to any item and a spring-loaded clip duly support it in this process. Two replaceable CR1220 batteries support its reliable operation.

Weight 8 oz each clip
Size 4.25" long
Water resistant IP5X
Battery Life Red, approx.15 hours; White, approx.15 hours
Ships in 0 to 14 Days
Features Benefits
Construction It features a lightweight construction with a spring-loaded clip and grip-teeth.
Grip-teeth design It permits easy attachment on clothing, bags, leashes, and similar items.
Usage Two replaceable CR1220 batteries allow smooth functioning.
LED safety beacon It works as a supporting light during jogging, pet walking or cycling.
Color options Availability in black and lime green color options.
Usage versatility It comes with three light mode settings – solid, flashing and off. The user can also switch between white & red LED lights.
Made in Asia