Floating Fish Net

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The Floating Fish Net from Windpaddle lets any angler go hands-free by simply tossing the net into the water next to the boat. Just toss it in the water and voila! now you have an open net, 24" deep and 39" wide that forms a deep holding well for keeping your live catch. WIth the Floating Fish Net, now youwill have one free hand to play your catch, to take photos or to harmlessly release your catch if you so choose. Now you can go easy on your fish and on yourself. Will the net float away? No, it attaches to the side of your boat. Will the fish escape? The solid black 9" depe curtain drives the fish deep down into the bottom of the net. Fishing is fun, but it is also a lot of work. Take away some of that unnecessary effort with the Floating Fish Net.

Fast Shipping Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days   Size
24" Deep
29" in Diameter
No more wrestling with live fish in your boat. Toss your fish in the net and keep fishing. Collect all your fish in the net when you are done.   Stows Easily
The net folds into a 3-ring coil just 11" wide for easy storage.

12 ozs

  Coiled/Stowed Size 11"   Attaches The net attaches to your boat so it won't drift off and neither will your fish.   Floats The 29" diameter ring is buoyant to keep the net at the surface of the water.
Shipping Weight

1.5 lbs

  Color Black   Curtain The 9" black curtain drives fish down into the 24" deep net, where they will stay while you keep fishing.   Made in USA Guranteed Workmanship and Performance

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review