Fox-40 Mini Whistle


Product Overview

The Fox40 Mini Whistle from North Water features a patented 3-chamber design and no pea to stick and impede sound. This mini whistle is easy to blow and cannot be overblown. The harder you blow, the louder it will sound. It will be heard above ambient noise, loud crowds, and the roar of engines, breaking waves and thundering gale-force winds. This whistle comes in a mini size but assures faultless performance.

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Features Benefits
Mini size Easily fits in your pocket and ideal to be carried anywhere
Pealess design No moving parts-nothing to obstruct sound, nothing to jam, break or freeze
Impervious to moisture Constructed of high-impact ABS plastic
Uses Ideal for sporting, outdoors, safety and marine personnel
Additional benefits Small enough to attach to everyday keys, marine or other outdoor gear
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance