FR300 Multipurpose Hand Crank Radio

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Now: $31.95

Product Overview

The FR300 Multipurpose Hand Crank radio from Eton will keep you listening even after your batteries run out. Use the hand crank to recharge and you are back in business. The sleek blue elegant design makes it an attractive addition to your camp table. It will also provide tunes in your tent. Not just a radio, it includes a flashlight and a cell phone charger and can pick up 7 NOAA channels, Weather Alert, and TV-VHF audio channels. Also has an emergency siren. There are inputs for an AC Adaptor and earphones (not included). The adaptors which are included will charge select models of Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony/Ericson.   

Dimensions 6.5" W x 6" H x 2.5" D
Weight 1 lb 4 ozs
fastshippingnew.gif Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days
Features Benefits
Hand Crank Easily recharge internal HI-MH Battery Back anywhere!
Cell phone recharger Multiple adapters lets you charge select models of Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony/Ericson.
Weather Picks up 7 NOAA Channels and Weather Alert plus TV-VHF
Battery Powered Runs on 3 AA Batteries (not included)
Extras Includes a Flashlight and an Emergency Siren
Made in Asia  Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance