Frostpak SlingPak Cooler

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Carry your favorite food items without worrying about temperature imbalance, which may spoil them by storing them in the Frostpak SlingPak Cooler from Seattle Sports Made using dual-layer insulation, this cooler is a dry bag that can be stuffed with ice and your favorite eatables while staying assured that they will remain cold for a long time. A removable waterproof liner is also provided to prevent leakage, thereby permitting easy usage. Engineered as the latest addition to our FrostPak line of coolers, this SlingPak Cooler features an abrasion-resistant bottom to work as a sturdy base. It is also provided with a cross-body strap for convenient handling.

Capacity 10L / 10.5qt
Weight 1lb. 6oz
Size 19-inch tall
Variable Ship Time Ships in 0 to 14 Days
Features Benefits
Construction The dry bag is made using 210D ripstop. It also comprises a removable waterproof liner.
Dual-layer insulation It prevents the items stored within from losing their original temperature.
Cross-body strap This strap assists easy handling of the bag.
Abrasion-resistant bottom It complements its working ability as a portable cooler.
Suitability It is used for packing snacks and beverages in a portable manner.
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance


(No reviews yet) Write a Review