GloStick Multiclip

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Product Overview


Fasten the GloStick Multiclip from Seattle Sports to your backpack and adventure in perfect manner. It can be attached to your bike or hiking staff as well, with the elastic Unisleeve band. Our GloStick Multiclip is an advanced version of our GloStick USB. It has a 360-degree rotating attachment point that offers easy and quick maneuvering. Taking the flashlight in water is not a matter of concern with this flashlight as it is extremely water-resistant. It is perfect solution as a safety beacon and ideal to use in variety of applications such camping, marine, auto pet walking, child safety and more. This GloStick Multiclip offers ample glow in the dark, and is being offered as must have light up camping accessory. It is an ideal holiday gifting solution as well.

Height 6 in.
Diameter 1 in..
clip can fit 3/8-1" tubing
Weight 1.9 oz.
variableshiptime200.gif Ships in 0 to 14 Business Days
Features Benefits
Charging USB Charged
Resistance Extremely water-resistant
Colors Red, Green, and Blue
Lasting 3 hours of use on bright and up to 35 hours of use on SOS
Appearance Polycarbonate tube refracts LED light creating glow
Made in Asia