Go Kayak Paddle

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The Go Kayak Paddles from Accent is the Go is a great all around recreational kayak paddle without a big price. Advanced design features include a smooth dihedral, asymmetrical blades that provide smooth, efficient paddle strokes. Add our new Kingpin Connection system which is standard on all Go paddles, and you have an entry paddle unlike any other in the industry.

Two-Piece: Comes standard as a two-piece paddle connected by a Accent's proprietary Kingpin connection system, the best ferrule on the market, unlike any other. Resulting from years of research, the Kingpin Adjustment System comes standard on all Accent straight shaft and bent shaft touring paddles. Offering offset increments of 15 degrees, the Kingpin Adjustment System is the easiest and fastest adjusting incremental offset ferrule you will find. A left hand release button allows most paddlers to keep their control hand firmly gripped to the paddle shaft and only 1/8” of separation is required to adjust the offset. By design, the Kingpin Adjustment system actually tightens the fit of the ferrule, providing the feel of a one piece paddle. The Kingpin Adjustment system takes paddle offset adjustment to a whole new level and is standard on all Accent straight shaft paddles. 

Blade Size 7.25" W x 17.5" H
Weight 34 oz (964g)
Surface Area 101sq in (651sq cm)
Adjustment Range 60˚ in either direction in 15˚ increments
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Features Benefits
Shaft Material Fiberglass
Blade Material Fiberglass Nylon
Ferrule Proprietary Kingpin Push-Button Adjustment System
Blades Size Full size blades provide maximum power to move all recreational kayaks
Dihedral Dihedral blade design promotes even water displacement with each stroke
Fiberglass Fiberglass shaft won't drain the heat from your hands on morning paddling trips
Durability Durable, yet lightweight fiberglass reinforced nylon blades
Connectivity Kingpin Connection system offers a 1 piece feel with 15 degree offset increments
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance
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