GTS Expedition SB Kayak Fishing Seat

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Product Overview


GTS Expedition SB Kayak Fishing Seat from Surf to Summit sports a fishing pack with two fishing rod holders with velcro attachment straps to secure your gear and a generous-sized, water-resistant storage pouch for your bait, tackle and other fishing gear sitting atop the built-in bungee pouch (which comes standard) providing additional storage. Slightly sleeker than the GTS Expedition, the SB (Sport Bottom) has a 1" bottom cushion that will fit in a wider variety of kayaks. The trademarked, thermoformed padding of the backrest offers kayak fishing anglers the ultimate combination of high quality and durability mixed with firm yet oh-so comfortable back support.

Attachment System
The GTS series features a triangulated, six-point rear strapping system with a versatile and infinitely adjustable rear lock down system. Two adjustable upper points allows you to set the lean while the two rear points prevent forward slippage and allows you to fine-tune your seat position for optimal back support.

Fast Shipping Normally ships in 0 to 2 Business Days   Seat Back 18”L x 21”W   Mouts Easily
On any sit-on-top kayak   Bungee Pouch
Comes standard for secure gear storage: colorful and durable, the flexible mesh conforms to the shape of objects inside while a latticed bungee zip cord is cross-threaded among eight heavy-duty nylon loops
Weight 4.5 lbs   Seat Cushion 13” Deep x 14” W   Drainage Deep comfort/drainage channels in the seat bottom funnel excess cockpit water   Proprietary Design
Compression molded at 400 °F and 60 tons of pressure, the layered foam/plastic/fabric blend of polyethylene plastic sheeting sandwiched between a molded EVA foam face compression molded at 400 °F and 60 tons of pressure and a 600 denier high-density fabric/foam laminate
Shipping Weight 5.5 lbs   Color Black with Gray   Customizable
Six point rear attachment system: customize for comfort    Made in USA  Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance




(No reviews yet) Write a Review