Helix Advantage Kayak Paddle

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The Helix Advantage Kayak Paddle from Accent Paddles was designed by Lee Bonfiglio. A world champion kayaker and the inventor of the downturned blade concept. The Helix offers outstanding control during draw strokes, surfing or setting up your next big trick. The Helix is constructed with CNC foam core blades layered in carbon and fiberglass to offer a buoyant feel on the water. With our Advantage Grip Technology, it brings all the benefits of bent shaft technology in straight shaft construction. Our Advantage grip helps relieve forearm fatigue and maintains correct hand to blade powerface orientation. The Helix is the top choice for the advanced paddler.

Blade Size: 8.5 x 18 in
Blade Surface Area: 117 sq in (755 sq cm)
Blade Material: Carbon Foam Core
Shaft Material: Carbon
Shaft Length: 191cm, 194cm, 197cm, 200cm
Shaft Pieces: 1 Piece
Weight (oz): 38oz
Weight(g): 1077g
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Features Benefits
Advanced Foam core buoyancy, Down turned blade for ultimate control
Ergonomic 7 Degree wrist offset angle, secure feel, a natural grip angle
Comfort Advantage Grip Technology provides blade angle awareness
Strong High performance carbon shaft
Design Advanced dihedral design
Smooth back Provides silent water displacement
ABS edging material  
RHC 30  
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance