Hip Pad Kit for Sit-Inside Kayaks

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Product Overview

The Hip Pad Kit for Sit-Inside Kayaks from Perception Kayaks Upgrade your sit-inside kayak with these hip pads or replace existing hip pads. These pads are a performance upgrade that enables a better connection between the paddler and their boat for increased control. These hip pads fill the area between your hips and the edge of your kayak seat.

Color: Black
Pad unit measures: 6.75" wide by 6.5" tall

Normally Ships in 0 to 3 Business Days
Features Benefits
Benefit: A variety of foam shims are included - pick the one that works best for you and insert into the neoprene pockets
Feature:                                Makes your boat more comfortable and responsive
Use: Easy attachment with straps or velcro - straps can be tightened to position pads properly
Design: Compatible with most touring, recreational and whitewater style kayaks, Hardware & installation instructions included
Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance