Indy Tour Stand Up Paddle

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The adjustable length Indy Tour Stand Up Paddle from Accent Paddles is built for paddlers of all skill levels and as such, serves as a great family sharing paddle. The long narrow blade design provides stability and control in the water. The foam coare and durabel ABS outer edge reinvorcement material means this paddle is built to hold up. The carbon blend shaft helps to transfer more of your power to the water for a more efficient stroke. With the Indy Tour series you get the highest level of construction at an affordable price.

A Lee Bonfiglio Design. Comes with Luke Hopkins' signature.

Fast Shipping Normally Ships in 0 to 2 Business Days, unless special parts or customization is required, in which case allow up to 4 weeks to ship   Blade Size 720 Model:
7.2" (15.25 cm) x 18.3" (38.75cm)
780 Model:7.8" (16.75cm) x 19.8" (42.55cm)
  Lightweight Fiberglass Foam Core Construction for a super light paddle   Adjustable Comes with Accent's custom Leverlock 16" adjustment system
Weights -720 Model: 24oz (680g)
-780 Model: 24.5oz (695g)
  Blade Area

720 Model:
85 sq in, 548 sq cm
780 Model:
98 sq in, 632 sq cm

  Medium MSR = Medium Stroke Rate and medium size blade for   Generous 84 or 98 square inches of blade area for a strong pull
Shipping Weight 3.75 lbs   Blade Angle
  Dihedral Advanced design for better water displacement, stability and control    madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance
Lengths Adjustable:   70"-86   Color Blue Paddle with Black Shaft   Durable ABS Edge Reinforcement      

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review