Kayak Fishing Drift Chute

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Product Overview

The Kayak Fishing Drift Chute from Surf to Summit will help you to create extra drag in the water, allowing you to troll at a reasonable pace even in high winds. This hand-made, top of the line kayak fishing accessory is built from the ground up with the professional angler in mind. The designers have utilized the same high quality fabric and molded foam as used in Surf to Summit kayak seats. The openings on either end are lined with industrial strength webbing and the straps are sewn to the large opening so as to converge on a single point with the brass ring. Included is a 6 foot long adjustable 1" webbing line with brass clip to attach to the ring, allowing you to attach the Drift Chute to any pad eye, loop or clip on the appropriate side of your boat--rear, front or side--depending upon the direction of the wind. This product allows you to take control of your boat amidst the elements.

How it works: With a foam packet sewn securely into the top, the Drift Chute floats near the surface of the water while a weighted packet sewn securely into the bottom sinks below the surface. These opposing elements will keep the Drift Chute's large, 17 inch diameter fully expanded while you gently troll on the water. The principle is virtually the same as that of a parachute falling through the air; the impedance of the chute slows your momentum to a crawl.

Large Opening 17" in diameter
Small Opening 3.5" in diameter
Webbing Line 6' long; 1" wide
Color Black with Aqua top packet
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Features Benefits
High Quality Made of industrial strength fabric and foam
Rugged Lined with industrial strength webbing with brass ring
Balanced Foam packet on top; weighted packet on bottom for even drift
Attaches Easily Six feet of 1" webbing line with brass clip included
 Made in USA Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance