Kayak Storage Tube

$89.95 - $99.95

Product Overview

Protect your kayak with this canvas tube shaped specifically to fit your kayak while you have it in storage or when you are transporting it. The Kayak Storage Tube - Canvas Kayak Cover from Watersports Warehouse is also designed for easy carrying, with four handles: two at the center to allow for one-person carrying, one handle at each end to allow for two-person carrying. Choose the size of bag that fits your kayak according to its length and girth. In order to determine the girth of your kayak, measure the distance around the widest part of your kayak.

be sure to order a bag one size larger than your kayak to allow room for the bag to close. Sizes up to 14' x 86" in stock. Custom sizes can be ordered by special request: please call or e-mail us with the dimensions of your kayak.

Length 9' - 14' or by custom order
Girth (Circumference) 72" - 86' or by custom order
Colors Choose from Royal Blue or Silver
 madetoorder200.gif Made to Order: Ships in 1 to 5 Weeks
Features Benefits
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance