LashMates SuperStik Attachment System


Product Overview

Add lash points permanently or temporarily to your boards or boats with this LashMates SuperStik Attachment System from Seattle Sports. It is an ultimate tool for SUP paddlers, kayakers and boaters. You can ideally lash down PFDs, fleeces, gear bags or anything else with this attachment system. For semi-permanent coating to boats, boards, truck beds and more, it features a corrosion-proof anodized aluminum mounting plate with a peel-and-stick 3M coating. It is perfect solution for boards or boats that have a feathered or rough texture.

Surface Dimensions 4.25in H x 4in W
Features Benefits
Great tool Ideal for SUP paddlers, kayakers and boaters
Superior construction Corrosion-proof anodized aluminum mounting plate contours to mounting surface
Uses Perfect for semi-permanent mounting to boards, boats, truck beds, motorcycle/ATV tanks, campers, and more
Backing 3M peel-and-stick backing
Additional Benefits Ideal to lash down PFDs, fleeces, gear bags or anything else
Made in Asia