MagniMap Pro


Product Overview

Featuring a flexible magnifying tool, the MagniMap Pro from Seattle Sports is a perfect solution to enlarge tiny map details on the move. It is resistant to tears or rips as it is made with clear, durable Polyurethane and is welded to 210D ripstop. Its included magnifying tool can be easily stored in the back pocket, when not in use. To easily attach to your boat, pack, and other surfaces, it comes with punched lashing points. Its clear body and wrapped body construction ensures maximal through-case usability. It is built with puncture-resistant materials and features positive snap zip-locking style closure for secure, simple, regular use.

Size 14.5in x 12.25in
variableshiptime200.gif Ships in 0 to 14 Days
Features Benefits
Tear-resistance Clear, durable Polyurethane is welded to 210D ripstop to make it resistant to tear or rips
Back pocket Ideal to store flexible magnifying tool
Punched lashing points Allows easy attachment to your boat, pack, and other surfaces
Splash proof Perfect for aquatic environment
Clear body Maximum through-case usability
Made in Asia