Men's Courier Guide Shorts 2018


Product Overview


The Men’s Courier Guide Shorts from Immersion Research Call them shants, capris, highwaters, or whatever you want. We call them the Courier Guide Shorts. These are the same shorts as our classic Guide Shorts, but with a separate, tight-fitting 1mm neoprene calf-length pant attached at the waistband. These a great choice for paddling or SUP when the conditions dictate more than just a pair of shorts, but you're not ready to commit to a drysuit or heavy paddling pants. The 1mm neoprene is highly insulating, windproof and keeps you warm even when wet. We think they are pretty stylish to boot.

Note: Quantities limited in the colors: Shale and Nightshade, depending upon size

Weight 2.5 lbs
Size 30-40 even sizes and 33
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Features Benefits
Abrasion Resistance Heavyweight polyester knit fabric for abrasion resistance.
Material Calf Length 1mm neoprene short sewn in for warmth.
Adjustablity Lace up waist for easy adjustability.
Gusset Extra wide crotch gusset.
Made in USA Made in USA - Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance