Neoprene Bear Spray Holster


Product Overview

Item Available for Pre-Order (to ship in February 2017)

This Neoprene Bear Spray Holster from Seattle Sports superbly fits 225g bear spray canisters. It comes with a glow-in-the-dark pull tab that allows you to quickly locate your canister at night. Attach this Neoprene Bear Spray Holster to your belt or pack for quick access to your bear spray. It is secure to belt or pack. This holster features Neoprene, which superbly wicks moisture and reduces degradation.

6.5 X 2.25 X 1.5 in  
Weight 0.6 oz
preorder.png Pre-order (will ship by February 2017)
Features Benefits
Glow-in-the-dark patch Helps locate canister at night
Attachable Easily attaches to your belt or pack for quick access to your bear spray
Superior Construction Made with Neoprene materials to wick moisture and reduce degradation
Compatibility Perfectly fits 225g bear spray canisters
Additional benefit Keeps your bear spray close at hand
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance