Paddling 1/2 Skirt Extra Large


Product Overview

The Paddling 1/2 Skirt XL from Seattle Sports is multipurpose gear that can keep you protected from water splashing when worn over a skirt or as a guarding apparel. Featuring a dual-pocket half skirt design, this paddling skirt also offers cockpit storage to hold items that you might need while indulging in recreational water activities. Two storage pockets offering a splash proof design are also provided in front to get quick access to the stored items, while an adjustable shock cord enables easy installation to the cockpit. Its PU coated nylon base along with taped seams lends high durability to the base. The implosion bar helps to eliminate water so that the user does not feel uncomfortable. To permit wet exits, a visible green pull handle is also provided.

Extra Large Size Dimensions 32in W, Fits cockpits 51in and larger
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Features Benefits
Construction Features a dual-pocket design that has been created by using PU coated nylon and taped seams
Implosion bar It sheds water that gets accumulated inside while getting in contact with it.
Shock cord Assists quick and easy installation in the cockpit.
Pull & grab handle Enables wet exits conveniently.
Suitability Can be worn during river rafting, paddle outings and other water recreational activities.
Made in Asia