PAUSED: Universal Paddle Saddle


Product Overview


The Universal Paddle Saddle Gel Pad from Skwoosh is a lightweight gel pad that relieves pressure for greater comfort in any paddling activity from kayak fishing to competitive rowing. Designed with a removable strap, this allows the boater to secure the pad onto a canoe bench or row seat, or remove the strap entirely for use in molded kayak seats. Waterproof, needs no maintenance and is MADE in USA.

Open Dimensions 13" (L) x 16" (W) x 7/8" (H)
Folded Dimensions 13" (L) x 8" (W) x 2" (H)
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Features Benefits
Breathable Air-flo has a three dimensional structure that allows it to circulate air, breath and control moisture. This high-tech fabric plays a major role in comfort by controlling temperature and managing moisture. It is durable, lightweight, and washable.
Patented Gel SKWOOSH fluidized gel deforms under load and takes the size and shape of any object. This deformation characteristic is what gives fluidized gel its superior pressure relieving properties. Common cushioning materials compress and don't deform so they don’t offer real pressure relief. SKWOOSH™ cushions, pads and positioners are used in the medical, travel and performance sports markets to provide maximum comfort for the lower back and reduce numbness caused by prolonged sitting.
Non-Skid The Non-Slip fabric on all SKWOOSH™ cushions and Pads grips any surface whether wet or dry. It keeps your gel pad from slipping, sliding or moving during use – we guarantee it.
Fabric AirFlo3D Top Fabric - Cool, breathable fabric
Removable Strap Removable quick release strap for bench seats
Tie-down Loop Tie-down loop for molded seats
Cushioning Patented lightweight pressure relieving fluidized gel
Non-Skid Bottom Stays put - no movement during use
Portable For easy transport and storage
Waterproof All welded construction - no sewing
No installation required Fits most kayaks and factory seats
madeinusa125.jpg Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance