PowerLid BottleTop Charging Station

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Product Overview

You don’t need a separate device for supporting electronic gadgets on an outdoor expedition as a water bottle lid like the PowerLid™ Bottle Top Charging Station from Seattle Sports can fulfill this function. Engineered to work as a solar rechargeable unit, this power bank seeks support of a 2400 mAh battery to function smoothly. Simply using this device in place of a basic water bottle cover will enable you to charge your phone and similar electronic gadgets whenever needed. This PowerLid Bottle Top is compatible with almost all popular bottles like nalgene.com and camelbak.com that are used during camping and trekking. The inclusion of a USB port allows it to work with multiple devices, while a detachable handle permits convenient usage.

Weight 2.4 oz
Dimensions 1.4" height x 2.8" diameter
Powered with 2400 mAh battery
Variable Shipping Ships in 0 to 14 Days
Features Benefits
Construction It is a USB & solar rechargeable power bank that can charge electronic device efficiently.
Easy Handling A detachable handle is provided for convenient usage.
Durability A technologically-sound construction supports its durability.
Working potential Can provide one full charge from dead to most phones.
Compatibility It is compatible with most popular bottles like nalgene.com and camelbak.com.
Made in Asia