Rescue Throw Bag


Product Overview

The Rescue Throw Bag from Watersports Warehouse is a convenient, light-weight rescue device with two nylon webbing loops for easy gripping of the rescue rope.  Offer the person in distress the wide loop and hang on to the other end for if the person is nearly in arm's reach.  Or, with a mouth drawstring that allows for easy access, quicly remove the rope from the bag and you now have a long throw rope that will reach anyone within 50 feet of your location.  The rope is bright yellow for greater visibility.  The webbing loops make it easy to attach to any straps or webbing on your kayak. Or you can simply stuff it into the recesses of your cockpit.  A simple, low-cost and handy safety device that is also multi-purpose: it never hurts to have extra rope on board.

Made to Order: Ships in 1 to 5 Weeks

Rope length 50'
Colors Bright Blue and Magenta with high visibility Yellow Loops
Features Benefits
Drawstring Handy drawstring for quick and easy opening
Loops Nylon webbing loops make for easy gripping