Retractable Tool Leash - Plastic Clip


Product Overview

The Retractable Tool Leash - Plastic Clip - 4' from Surf to Summit Take up the slack! Safely secure your valuable deck, fishing, or dive gear without getting tangled up in long, cumbersome slack leashes. These retractable leashes wind up 27" of 80 lb. breaking strength Kevlar cable and have a quick connect split ring lanyard on the end. This Locking Snap Clip Retractor with Quick Connect Lanyard and Split Ring easily connects to a D-ring, bungee, strap, or any kayak deck hardware. The lanyard end connects to the gear essential without compromising its functionality. Quick Connect allows the lanyard end to be disconnected from the kayak deck or kayak seat and reconnected at any time. Great for securing tools, electronics, dive gear, dry bags, tackle, and other deck essentials. The retractable leashes keep your stuff on the kayak and out of the water.

Extends upto 27" inch
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Features  Benefits
Kevlar Cable 80 lb. test Kevlar cable.
Functionality Quick Release Functionality.
Attachment Plastic clip attaches to gear.
Made in USA Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance