S2S Fishing Tackle Bag

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Free ShippingThe S2S Fishing Tackle Bag - Deluxe Fishing Gear Organizer from Surf to Summit has no equal. Loaded with features, this bag is made with the same proprietary thermoformed molding process used in the making of Surf to Summit kayak seats. The result is a rigid, rugged, weatherproof, armor-like case for your fishing tackle . Adorning the outside of the back are several multi-purpose pockets, a fly pocket, a rain cover in its own pocket, webbing daisy chains, a rugged carrying handle and a generously padded shoulder strap.  On each corner is a detachable rod holder or equipment holder. Open it up and you will find a plethora of additional pockets with adjustable foam dividers for endless configuration possibilities. Or you can remove the dividers and make room for up to four large Plano boxes. Cinch down the whole bag with a dual compression strap system. Will fit snugly into the rear well of most kayaks. A must have for great kayak fishing.

Fast Shipping Normally ships in 0 to 2 Business Days   Dimensions 17"L x 10"W x 12"H   Rod Holders Four detachable rod or equipment holders, one on each corner   Configurable
Adjustable/removable interior dividers
Weight 4.0 lbs   Pockets Over 20 pockets inside and out, including fly pocket   Waterproof Comes with rain cover with its own pocket   Easy to Carry
Rugged, rubberized handle and a foam molded shoulder strap
Shipping Weight 5.0 lbs   Color Black   Map Pocket
Under the lid to keep your map dry    Made in USA  
Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance


(No reviews yet) Write a Review