Single Stage Electric Pump


Product Overview

To inflate seats in your kayak, the Single Stage Electric Pump from Sea Eagle becomes a reliable source that can work with little effort to provide excellent results. Featuring a compact profile and lightweight construction, this electric pump is powered by a high-pressure piston pump that is efficient enough to inflate from 1 to 14.5 psi. It works using a 12-volt battery and is best suited to work with smaller size hulls. The operation of this electric pump is not a tedious task as it automatically works once you set the desired pressure by turning the dial and press the "on" button. It automatically stops at the point when the selected pressure is achieved.

Weight 4 lbs.
Dimensions 8" x 4" x 5"
Maximum Absorption 20 Amps
Color Gray with Black Case

Normally ships in 2-7 business days if item is in stock. This item is only available to USA customers; Sea Eagle does not permit its US vendors to market its products outside of the United States.

Features Benefits
Automatic Operation     After turning the dial and setting the desired pressure, just switch on the power button. This pump will operate automatically.
Piston Pump This high-pressure pump inflates from 1 to 14.5 psi.
Includes Comprises 102" (8'6") cable w/alligator clips, 72" (6') inflation hose and common valve adapters.
Suitability Used on explorer inflatable kayaks™, FastTrack™ inflatable kayaks, hybrid inflatable SUP, longboard inflatable SUPS, needle nose™ inflatable SUPs.
Made in Asia Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance