Stainless Steel Fixed Eye Carabiners - LG/SM

$24.95 - $27.95

Product Overview

Featuring superior stainless steel construction, the S.S. Fixed Eye Carabiner - lg/sm from North Water is an ideal attachment tool for climbing or life support. It is a perfect solution for various tasks including light-duty rigging, tool attachment and storage, line direction and more. Its aluminum construction with a fixed eye helps reduce cordage from slipping. You can use this fixed eye carabiner to fulfill your various needs.

Large 32SK-05
Small 32SK-10
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Features Benefits
Stainless steel construction Prevents corrosion in salt water and requires minimum maintenance
Fixed eye Secures rope in a separate hole from the main gate area
No hooks on nose An important safety feature
Availability Comes in small and large sizes
Additional benefits Fast and effective for various situations
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance