Super Deluxe Bilge Pump

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Product Overview


In designing the Super Deluxe Bilge Pump - Hand Pump for Bailing Small Boats from Seattle Sports has combined an overmolded easy-grip rubber handle, an oversized metal pump shaft and a clear plastic body to deliver a great-looking, high performance pump that will be a big addition to your paddling accessories kit. The distinctive clear body allows you to see the pump action in operation, make this an ideal training tool for young paddlers. This pump also features a reflective band and an oversized float, ensuring that the pump is easy to spot if you ever happen to drop it overboard. Add a 1" internal diameter hose (not included and you can use this pump to bail water directly out of your boat. The Super Deluxe Bilge Pump delivers outfitter-grade performance. 

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Length 21.5"
Diameter 1.75"
Weight 11.2 oz
Shipping Weight 15 oz
Color Available in Clear
Features Benefits
Clear Plastic See through body makes it possible to see the pump action
Rubber Handle Easy to grip
Large Oversized metal pump shaft
Reflective Band Helps you spot the pump in low light situations
Float Oversized float helps keep the pump afloat if you happen to drop it in the water


(No reviews yet) Write a Review