SurviVolts Backcountry Mult-E-Tools

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Product Overview


A power bank can do much more than supporting charging functions of electronic gadgets and the SurviVolts™ Backcountry Mult-E-Tools from Seattle Sports proves it true! Engineered to work as a multipurpose tool, this Kit includes around six USB fobs that assist varied functions. Five USB fobs allow this device to create 150 Lumen strobe light, 130 Lumen flashlight, 135dB siren, 5mW laser or work as an electronic fire starter in the aim to work as a multipurpose power bank. This is made possible connecting the USB ports of this device with a power bank. The sixth fob works as an on/off switch that allows easy operation of this device.

Power bank weight 4.6 oz
Power bank dimensions 4.6" long x 1.38 diameter
Plastic carry case (Size) 7.25" long, 3.5" wide, and 1.75" deep
Total weight 10.3oz
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Features Benefits
Multipurpose construction Uses six USB fobs to work in combination with other devices too.
Size It features a portable size that allows easy usage during camping.
Easy usage An on/off switch is incorporated for easy operation.
Versatility It is equipped with 130 lumen flashlight and 150 lumen strobe light to work as an extra light source.
Made in Asia