Transformer 3-in-1 SUP/Kayak Paddle and Stake-Out Pole

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Transformer Slider and Pro Slider - Convertible SUP Paddle, Kayak Paddle and Push / Stake-Out Pole from Accent Paddles is designed for the fisherman who wants everything in one product. It is an adjustable SUP paddle? Yes! Is it a kayak paddle? Yes! Is it a push and stake-out pole? Yes! It's all three in one and it takes only seconds to convert! Use the SUP paddle to troll lightly when standing. Once you've found the perfect location, push the stake-out pole through one of the scupper holes in your sit-on-top fishing kayak to secure your position. Paddle your way to your favorite fishing hole with the kayak paddle. Want to measure your catch? A ruler on the shaft lets you do just that. Want a paddle system that is even lighter? Choose the Transformer Pro option.

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-Transformer Slider FX 40 ozs (1134 g) (kayak) | 36 ozs (1021 g) (SUP)
-Transformer Pro Carbon 38 ozs (1077 g) (kayak) | 35 ozs (992 g) (SUP)
Length 78-86" (198-218 cm) (SUP) | 94.5" (240 cm) (Kayak)
Blade Area 7.1" x 18" (slider fx) | 7.1" x 19.5" (pro carbon)
Length/Range: 240 cm (94.5") - 260 (102")
-Transformer Slider FX Sage Green blade with Black shaft and handle.
-Transformer Pro Carbon Black blade, shaft and handle.
Features Benefits
Adjustable 8" of adjustability in length of SUP Paddle or Push / Stake-out Pole.
Convertible Converts from SUP Paddle to Kayak Paddle to Push / Stake-out Pole.
Ruler Measure your catch with the handy ruler on the shaft.
madeinusa Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance

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