Vinyl Tec Adhesives

$31.95 - $120.95

Product Overview

The Vinyl Tec Adhesives from Northwater This exceptionally strong one-step industrial strength adhesive creates a chemical bond between vinyl anchors and Royalex, R-Light (1996 and newer), Kevlar and Fibreglass boats. No mess, no waiting and no mixing. It allows you a lot of set up time, and it dries clear. Great for vinyl air bag and vinyl raft repairs. Approximate coverage is 2000 cm2 (2.15 ft2)/ 100 mL (3.38 US oz.).

Base Polyurethane
Colour Translucent
Viscosity 6000 +/-500 cps.
Odour Medium.
Solids 20.0 +/-2%.
Clean Up M.E.K. or acetone.
Specific Gravity 0.87.
Shelf Life 180 days.
variableshiptime200.gif Ships in 0 to 14 Business Days
Features Benefits
Resistance Good heat, oil, moister and plasticizer resistance..
Temperature Flexibility Low temperature flexibility (-40° to +82° C).
Aging Property High initial & strong final bonds. Excellent aging properties.
Heat Reactivation Low initial heat reactivation.
Loop Patches 28 Vinyl Loop Patches.
Small Anchors 18 Small Anchors such as the 1" Lightweight Anchors and 1" D-Ring Anchor.
Large Anchors 10 Large Anchors such as the 1" Cam Buckle Anchor and 2" D-Ring Anchor.
ca1.jpg Made in Canada - Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance