Watersports Dry Bag - Waterproof Vinyl Gear Sack


Product Overview

A Watersports Dry Bag from Watersports Warehouse can make all the difference when you get wet and need an extra change of clothes or shoes. Keep your socks, shoes, shirts, pants, undergarments, hats, even your maps dry using the time-tested three-roll closure method. Snap the side release buckles together and you've got a handy handle to carry this waterproof bag wherever you need to go. Great even in adverse conditions. Comes in standard yellow or clear. Three sizes available.


Dimensions (Large) 9.5" x 16"
Dimensions (Medium) 11.5" x 19"
Dimensions (Small) 9.5" x 16"
Colors Available in Yellow or Clear
Features Benefits
Waterproof Utilizes the time-tested three-roll closure method
Easy Carry Side-release buckles form a handy handle for easy carrying