Yakima Foot Braces (rails & screws only)


Product Overview

These Yakima Foot Braces from North Water feature simple locking system that makes them easy to move back and forward with single hand. They are ideal to use with any kayak rudder control system. These braces are versatile and sturdy, and perfect for any plastic, composite and wooden kayak. To prevent sand and other debris from jamming the system, these braces have grooves in the track.

Color: Black
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Features Benefits
Simple locking system Easy to move forward and back with one hand
Easily adjustable Allows superior weight displacement and balance
Aluminum construction Comes with milled in sand slots for clog free operation
Uses Ideal for use in kayaking, canoeing, and kayak fishing
Additional benefits Versatile and rugged kayak foot braces for any kayak
Made in Canada, Guaranteed Workmanship and Performance