12" Standard Kayak Carrier Kit


Product Overview

The Riverside 12" Standard Kayak Carrier Kit from Seattle Sports is perfect fit for Yakima and Thule crossbars. It mounts any standard size kayak on your car, and is compatible with after-market racks and vehicles without racks. This kit comes with 2 standard kayak foam blocks, 2 15’ tie down ropes, 2 9’ block straps, 1 15’ center strap with cam buckle, and 4 galvanized steel s-hooks.

Block Dimensions 2.75in H x 3.75in D x 12in W
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Features Benefits
Standard Foam Blocks Designed to distribute weight evenly and provide maximum stability
Straps Comes with adjustable buckle to secure things in perfect manner
Galvanized Steel S-Hooks Easily attach to ropes, chains, straps and accessories for use in lifting and rigging applications
Compatibility Compatible with after-market racks and vehicles without racks
Perfect fit This Standard Kayak Kit perfectly fits most cars
madeinusa125.jpg Some parts made in China; Assembled in the USA