Canoe Paddles

Our two major suppliers in this department are Accent, Cannon and Sea Eagle, which also offers a range of rowing oars and oarlocks. Aside from that, and given the range of styles, lengths, handle types and blades, you may well find the product you are looking for here. Do you kayak as well? You might consider starting with the Beat convertible canoe kayak paddle from [Accent], which has an 8 degree blade angle designed for a more efficient stroke on flat water for longer paddling with less fatigue and Accent's unique LeverLock adjustment system offering 6” of length adjustment so that it is easy to share. What a great idea for beginners! In addition to canoe paddles and oars, we have included a section for paddle bags, featuring the Multiple Paddle Bag, a heavy duty carrying bag capable of holding up to twenty canoe paddles. When you find the right gear, it allows you to focus on enjoying your time on the water.

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