Q. My purchase still shows that it is 'Awaiting Payment'. Have I done something wrong? Is there a problem with my order?

A. Rather than automatically charging your card or account, Comfykayak.com manually processes each transaction. Before we accept your money, we wait to ensure that the product(s) you ordered is (are) available and make sure there are no other issues to resolve before we run the transaction. In most cases we will run the charge within 24 hours of your purchase. When we need to check on something with a supplier, we sometimes do not hear back for several business days so the 'Awaiting Payment' status may appear on your account for several days. If for some reason we are not able to process a part or all of your order, we will notify you.

Q. I was told my order was canceled but there is still a pending charge on my statement. Was the order really canceled?

A. Yes (in most cases). If we canceled an order before running the charge on your card or account, your bank is still informed of the purchase and the 'pending' notice means the bank is waiting for us to process the transaction. The 'pending' charge notice can linger on your account for days to weeks before the bank finally lets the pending charge expires after no charge comes through. Your patience is appreciated.

Q. I have a sit-inside kayak and am looking at all the seats you have on your site but am not sure what seats will work for my sit-inside kayak, what do you recommend?

A. The basic rule is that full seats are for sit-on-top kayaks while there is a more limited range of options for sit-inside-kayak owners, for whom the normal thing to do is to install a back band and a seat cushion separately.

What we normally sell to sit-inside kayak owners is something from our Back Bands page or for whitewater kayakers, our Whitewater Back Bands page. The most popular back band we sell is the Tall back Band, which you can pair with a seat cushion if you like. The most popular seat cushion is the Classic Paddling Cushion. If you used the Tall Back Band, you would have to figure out whether to lay it over the existing seat back or remove the existing seat back and replace it Generally, the Tall Back Band would replace your existing seat back. However, the Tall Back Band is 23” wide. It curves and it flexes a bit so it can fit into kayak cockpits as narrow as 19”, for a 15" wide cockpit it would be pretty snug. If the Tall Back is too wide, we suggest you consider any of our other Back Bands, and then partner one with a Seat Cushion. If you have existing connection points or if you would consider installing d-rings with glue as attachment points, you could avoid putting holes/rivets in your boat.

Manufacturers of full kayak seats made for sit-on-top kayaks generally do not support installing them in sit-inside kayaks. But we have had customers do this, and the hardest part is deciding to put holes in your boat to install pad eyes (a/k/a deck loops) with rivets for connection points. We sell a rivets and deck loops starter kit. Also, you have to be sure the seat will fit inside the cockpit rim; many of the seats on our site have diagrams amidst the images of the product providing full dimensions. For firm support, the best seats we offer are the GTS series from Surf to Summit. The GTS Expedition and GTS Pro have 2” of foam on the seat back and seat bottom and the GTS Elite has 1” of foam. The GTS series has a solid PVC plastic backing in the seat back for firmness. The Drifter Seat, also from STS is very popular and gets you a full 4” off the floor of your yak but has a low-cut seat back with no cushion. Other seat lines, like those from Skwoosh, do not offer the solid PVC plastic backing but instead use canvas over foam with fiberglass battens along the sides of the seat back for firmness. They also tend to be considerably less expensive.

Note: More FAQs to be added soon!