Discontinued Items

Below is an incomplete list of discontinued products previously available on our site, but no longer. We will update this list from time to time so that you can cross-check this list against products you are looking to purchase or are just looking for more information about. Contact us if you need more detailed information about any of these products. 

SKU UPC Item Supplier
BFSS   Safari Stowaway Fishing Gear Box Boardworks
BFTDK   Tie Down Kit for SUP Boards Boardworks
30056-119   Devil's Club Waders Pants Immersion Research
77005-115   The J-Lo Spray Skirt for Women Immersion Research
BACKPACK 023634825740 All Purpose Backpack Sea Eagle
SE435PS 023634822343 PaddleSki Catamaran Inflatable Kayak Sea Eagle
MMPS 023634081108 Side Motor Mount For Kayak/Paddleski Sea Eagle
013413 780292134132 99% PVC Free Dual-Chamber Paddle Float Seattle Sports
052615 780292526159 Blazers USB Headlight Seattle Sports
011907 780292119078 Class IV Pack Seattle Sports
052724   CycleFire Bar Plug Lights Seattle Sports
056002   Deck Mate Deck Bag Blue Seattle Sports
056515 780292565158 DeckRacer Mesh Deck Bag Seattle Sports
056106 780292561068 Deluxe Deck Bag Seattle Sports
052201 780292522014 DiamondFire USB Tail Light Seattle Sports
014002 780292140027 DriLite Jetty Sack Seattle Sports
048415 780292484152 Dry Doc Digi Wallet+ - Dry Case for Wallets and Valuables Seattle Sports
042490-CLR 780292424905 E-Merse Clear Audio Seattle Sports
042615   E-Merse Clear Dry Audio Case Seattle Sports
041290 780292412964 E-Merse DryMax 9" Audio eTab/iPad Seattle Sports
041696 780292416962 E-Merse Gopack Seattle Sports
042682 780292429825 E-Merse R/S Original XL Case Seattle Sports
066815 780292668156 FireClip LED Light Seattle Sports
096613 780292966139 Floppy Disk Seattle Sports
022501-RED 780292225014 Frostpak 44 QT Zip Top Cooler Seattle Sports
028400   Frostpak Arctic Double Wall Cooler Seattle Sports
028600   Frostpak Arctic Double Wall Cooler  - 38 Qt Seattle Sports
024901 780292249010 Frostpak Coolpack Backpack Cooler 17 Qt (17 Ltr) Seattle Sports
025265 780292252652 Frostpak Double Wall Magnum 36 Qt Wedge Cooler Seattle Sports
025501 780292255011 Frostpak Growler Seattle Sports
025165 780292251655 Frostpak Prism Double Wall Cooler 20 Qt Seattle Sports
021702 780292217026 Frostpak SlingPak Cooler Seattle Sports
022001 780292227018 FrostPak Soft Cooler Seattle Sports
097015 780292970150 GloLine Camp Hook 4-Pack Seattle Sports
096502 780292965026 Guzzle Bowl Seattle Sports
039100 780292390026 H2Zero Diamond Dry Bags Seattle Sports
098702 780292987028 Interurban Pack Seattle Sports
012515 780292125154 Jaunt Travel Duffel Seattle Sports
037615-BLK 780292376150 Jump Stash Pack Seattle Sports
037500 780292375023 Jump Tote Seattle Sports
060620 780292606202 Lashmates Supersuk Deluxe Bottle Cage- Glow Seattle Sports
024702-BLU 780292247023 Loop Straps Seattle Sports
027000 780292270021 Nav Duffel Seattle Sports
036804 780292368049 Omni Dry Backpack and Dry Bag Seattle Sports
058320 780292583206 Outdoor Wall Cradles with Optional Lock Seattle Sports
031702 780292317023 Outfitter Class Cinch Bowl Seattle Sports
055715 780292554142 Paddling Half Skirt Seattle Sports
085292 780292852920 Riverside Heavy Duty Utility Strap Seattle Sports
015690 780292156905 Roll Tote Seattle Sports
033905 780292339056 Sherpak Elite 20 Car Top Carrier Seattle Sports
089600 780292896009 Springer Coated Leash Seattle Sports
053900 780292539005 Super Deluxe Bilge Pump Seattle Sports
060694 780292627153 SUPStow Hip Pack and Board Leash Seattle Sports
066997 780292669979 Survivolts Flexible Coiled Stand-Up Cable Seattle Sports
066988 780292669887 SurviVolts PowerBank Charger/Mult-E-Tool Seattle Sports
097820 780292978200 TerraFun Pack Games Seattle Sports
020300 780292204026 Toploader Duffel Seattle Sports
053715 780292537155 TurboMite Center Cart Seattle Sports
A3104 180883000103 Angler II Kayak Fishing Seat - Gel Seat Cushion Skwoosh
KAC800   Dry Bags - Set of Three Waterproof Paddling Storage Packs Surf to Summit
KGT412 683804604126 GTS Expedition SB Kayak Fishing Seat Surf to Summit
KGT410 683804604102 GTS Expedition SB Kayak Seat Surf to Summit
KAC004 683804621093 J-Hook Kayak Hanger Surf to Summit
BP100   Backpack Cooler Watersports Warehouse
KP38   Deluxe Back Band with Mesh Pockets Watersports Warehouse
WPA 13964302554 Adventure Sail Windpaddle
WPC 13964302608 Cruiser Sail Windpaddle
WFF-L 683203940856 Floating Fish Net Windpaddle
WPS 13964302509 Scout Sail Windpaddle
SSR-CLR 853628005472 The Cooler Seat YakGear