Kayak Seats

Order kayak gear here!Kayak seats for sale! If you are looking for the best kayak seats, you have found the website with the best kayak seats. Are you the owner of a sit-inside kayak? We have a Sit-Inside Solutions page, where you can find the right kayak back band (a kayak seat back for a sit-inside kayak) and the right kayak seat pad for your kayak. You can order a full seat, but most manufacturers do not support installation of off-brand full seats to sit-inside kayaks, so you’re on your own, although we can offer limited assistance. Own a sit-on-top kayak? Ah, the world is your oyster! Virtually any of the dozens of best kayak seats on our site, from the Pacific Angler Kayak Seat to the Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat, will work on your kayak, so long as you have connection points (pad eyes / deck loops), and if you don’t, we sell those too. Comfykayak is, perhaps, an oxymoron: what is a comfortable kayak seat? In addition to having a thick foam or gel seat cushion, you need good kayak back support. The top of the line is the GTS series from Surf to Summit, featuring solid PVC plastic backing, but we have many other models with excellent features, such as several versions of the Ocean Kayak backrest, lumbar pads and ‘extra comfy’ foam.

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