After a decade in business, our supply of canoe gear has continued to expand. We now offer a wide range of products for canoeing enthusiasts, including seats, saddles, cushions, carts, bow bags, thwart bags, underseat bags, cartop racks and straps, bailers, stabilizers, thigh straps, throw lines, covers, wall racks, locks, paddles and paddle bags, oars, lashing bars and clamps. As you can see, a site which began by specializing in kayaking accessories is now a site for canoe kayak gear. We more recently began carrying products from Spring Creek, which offers a wide range of hardware and accessories for canoeing. Got a truck? Check out either the Tuff Truck Rack or the Double Hitch Rack, which gives you 68" of vertical extension so you still have plenty of space for your stuff in the truck bed (loading bars optional). In the seating department, we now feature two drop-in seats from Spring Creek: the Canoe Seat Yoke and the Drop-In Canoe Seat. We plan to continue to expand our line of canoeing supplies, so before you leave this page, consider bookmarking it so you can find it later.

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